Communism Without Marxism? – Back To The History

Christian Socialism, Religious Communism and Communistic Communities A.D.

Although most shapes of communism stem from Marxism, communism nevertheless has founding at times where Marxism does not exist – Christian Communism. This Is A Form Of Non-Marxist Communism.

Religious Communism, based on Jesus Christ teachings of theological and political ideologies to his followers. Jesus Christ educated his followers to apply the ideology of communism into their system as an ideal social way of living. Biblical evidence suggests that back in the time, Apostles and Many Other Christians founded Communistic Communities following the death of Christ and his Resurrection.

Also known as Christian Socialism. This belief system no doubt has many elements crisscrossing from one to the other. For instance, Christians will never agree on the Atheistic point of view of the Marxist, yet many other aspects of Marxism suit Christian Socialism just fine. Whereas where Christians and Marxists do fully agree is how Capitalism has a tendency of bringing out the negative of humankind. Blind Ambition, Selfishness and Greed are ideally replaced with Compassion, Justice, Mercy and Kindness.