The Soviet Union Communism And The Bolsheviks!

1917 Vladimir Lenin’s October Revolution was probably the biggest rise of communism of all time Into State Power. The conditions were ripe for this new era of power of the state of Lenin’s Bolsheviks to reach this unprecedented position of power. A Majority, the Bolsheviks having now the majority, swiftly transferred, through revolution, The All-Russian Congress Of Soviets now Held Power. Debate raged on in form of theoretical and of the practical amidst this historical movement of Marxism.

Bourgeois Rule, if only Russia may have skipped, Marx’s foreboding statement warning of advance – to construct the metaphorical machine. The enormous peasantry, illiteracy Of Russia and high poverty levels amongst the rest of Europe made it difficult for communism to thrive without an advanced capitalist pre-existing structure, according to Marx.

“Peace, Bread and Land,” – a slogan to die for. 1922, The Soviet Union becomes reality. The rise to power of the Bolsheviks that peddled to the tired public the self-empowering notion to distance themselves from The First World War. However, politically, the revolution of socialism (Lenin – Majority) was met with opposition by (Mensheviks – Minority) A Moderate Political Group standing up to The Bolsheviks.


Cold War, Second World War, And The New World Superpower.

The shattering of Japanese Empires and European Empires from The Second World War saw major communist rulerships have a big hand in the movements of independence that followed. This all taking shape as the fallout of The Second World War had shaped The Soviet Union as now a World Superpower.