Mulholland Rise – Stories Through The Morning Sun!

I’m Abby, and I crave the early morning walks along the harbour pier, the sun just rising in the distance, the yachts on my left and on my right with the night dew glistening. I power walk the distance of the old pier structure moaning to it’s awakening of a brand new day.  

There is a yacht I have not seen before, ‘The Lady Shanty.’ It must be a 70 footer, all white with sky blue stripes dancing magnificently in the morning rise. I had to stop for a second and take in the sight. How wonderful what the ocean can somehow bring in to a sleepy little coastal town as Mulholland Rise.

As the morning sun casts a bright warm glare over the towering ocean craft I hear a voice that jolts me back to my senses. “Good Morning,” a woman cheerfully announces from the deck of this luxurious craft. All I see is the silhouette of a figure in a summer frock sipping her cup of tea in the morning light.

Coming back to my senses, “Oh sorry, Um – Good Morning!” I reply. I stand still now feeling the old pier structure moaning a little more. “Have you just sailed in last night?” “Yesterday lunchtime actually, hey I was wondering if you possibly might know where the best supermarket would be – I really need to get a few bits.”



I’m instantly delighted by the friendliness of her voice, “Of Course, there’s a great one just over on Main Street and Argyle Street…” Gently butting in, “I’m Edith,” she comes over to the edge of the boat to shake my hand. “I’m ever so sorry, can I offer you a cup of tea?” 

“Well, Um, Ar…” I stumble out of my stutter, “I’m Abby, and I would love a cup of tea.” I look and now I see, the most welcoming face I have ever seen. I climb aboard and admire the wonderful ocean going craft from where I stand, but what I admire more is the stunning woman welcoming me – like in a dream.

I follow her down the steps and into the kitchen where the kettle sits still steaming, my eyes wander from here to there as I take in the magnificence of what a craft and what a wonderful woman to head it all…


Lucid Being


(Adult Box Set 18+)