We Accommodate – Often Far Too Readily!

One party willing to oblige. We Lose – They Win

Often passive or submissive as we are putting the other party’s wishes before our own. Win – Lose: okay for trivial or minor matters or if one party does not really mind. When us or our company maybe at fault, repairing the relationship is critical, and if we have nothing else that would benefit the other side, i.e. an olive branch or gift (of sorts) to rebuild the bridges.

If we are in a very weak position then sometimes our best option is to give in gracefully. Think about it: if they can crush us, and they know it, what is likely to be the outcome if we resist? Yes, bring our bandages. It may be worth (humbly) reminding them that we will both stand to lose if they put us out of business, and ask if they really want to push us out of the market.

If we both intend to work together in the longer term, then refocus the negotiations on the longer term, thereby reminding the other side that they’re taking advantage of us now may hurt them (and many more) in the future.

Lucid Being