The Fibonacci Sequence – And The Great Great Grandparent Of A Bee!

The Fibonacci numbers that appear in the pedigrees of idealized honeybees, according to the following rules:

  • If an egg is laid by an unmated female, it hatches a male or drone bee.
  • If, however, an egg was fertilized by a male, it hatches a female.

Thus, a male bee always has one parent, and a female bee has two. If one traces the pedigree of any male bee (1 bee), he has 1 parent (1 bee), 2 grandparents, 3 great-grandparents, 5 great-great-grandparents, and so on.

This sequence of numbers of parents is the Fibonacci Sequence!

The number of ancestors at each level, is the number of female ancestors, which is, plus the number of male ancestors. This is under the unrealistic assumption that the ancestors at each level are otherwise unrelated.

When the flower blossoms, the bee will come.’ – Srikumar Rao