‘Arrival’, Starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker, Michael Stuhlbarg and Tzi Ma.
Genre: Sci Fi.

Amy Adams heads an outstanding cast in this new sci-fi film on offer. Arrival masterfully handles such grown up issues such as real obstacles an earth species (Humans) and an alien species (E.T.s) would face, given the dilemma of language barriers. Cinema goers who thrive on cut-out black and white good guys versus bad guys shoot ups and explosions are going to be gravely disappointed. Although grown ups who thrive on intellectual cinematic stimulation will have their brains buzzing, teetering in the brink of satisfaction.

The symbolic number 12 plays a significant, almost divine role in this extra terrestrial visitation. The sounds dished out in this epic meet and greet predominantly have the peculiar audible similarities to whales. A couple of symbolic heartstrings to endear the viewer with a warm inter-galactic embrace.

Amy Adams plays Louise Banks, a linguistics expert called upon by Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker) to somehow decipher what these visitors have to say. Us becoming the eyes and ears of our protagonist (Banks) to take us on this new path of discovery, we share the universal question – what should these visitors look like? We as the viewers philosophy with our protagonist’s sound argument that communicative language being our unique cornerstone of any civilisation.

Director Denis Villeneure pulls off an aplomb job with the screen tension and intellectual excitement that finally give us the alien (pay off) glimpse that anyone naturally craves. No disappointment on the horizon, without throwing any spoilers into the mix.

Our predicted teaming-up of the Colenal and the Linguistic expert (two opposites) must team up to ask the ten billion dollar question for the biggest granddaddy answer of them all, if there is one – “why are you here?” Our eyes are more and more steadily taken around the planet, along with the sharp subject matter around the earth to add a welcome air to the global narrative. Great execution and craftily played out are Denis Villeneure’s choices in lighting and sound score. This all ignites a political race and one upmanship the world has ever witnessed, conducting their whole communicative findings.

The telling of this brilliant inter-connected planetary narrative becomes a very warm and touching one, the different emotional memories in life Banks deals with. The audience gets wound up cleverly with our main character sympathetically and in doing so share in her personal journey. Amy Adams embodies the remarkable strength of a heroine our planet and civiliazation can count on when the going becomes almost impossible. Although overall character development in this yarn could have been a tad more fulfilling, the subject matter surely makes up for it.

However the method or means of touching on answers, is brilliantly achieved in a way not perfectly explained but nonetheless executed in god speed as all great race against time stories go. We are left with such a deep message packed with ambiguouty that’ll last well after the flick is over.

Arrival’s clever screenplay by Eric Heisserer, Based on “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang, Music score by Jóhann Jóhannsson, Cinematography by Bradford Young.

French-Canadian born director Denis Villeneuve’s impressive track record has and will continue to go from strength to strength with films under his belt such as Prisoners, Enemy and Sicario. Next is the widely anticipated 2017 release of the long awaited ‘Blade Runner 2049’

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