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We Shield Ourselves From The Energies That Deplete? – We Reach Empath Paragon!

The depleting sensitivities we all live, receive and even at times dish to the world – we all need a survival plan, as to not become ‘empathic collateral’. Rightfully we build an ‘empathic shield’ to fend off the unnecessary incoming. This unseen shield of protection keeps the clear and becomes the survival tool – and even our psychic paragon!


The Complexities Of Empathy And The Social Factor!

Social Empathy requires many areas of brain activity that can never be pinpointed to one singular area of the grey matter. Experiencing through these relationships can enable more complete communication as we check in from time to time with the relevant dialogue cues…


Our Spirit Animal In A New Light – We Transform, They Transform!

The landscapes of our relationships, our recognition of life, the guidance we seek – often times we can thank our Spirit Animal! Our understanding of our ever-present Spirit Animal connection through inspiration and strength is the real empowering link that goes with the spirit animal territory…


The Foundation Of Genius, Or ‘The Collective Unconscious’?

The foundation of genius can become the most powerful tool for those that are aware. A gigantic pool of thought, memories, experiences throughout the human race, (whether good or bad) are the products of collective wisdom…


Transmigration Or Reincarnation! – Past Or Future Incarnations?

Predestined Purpose in Life, speaking a strange language, unexplained talents, memories otherwise impossible, are some of our reincarnating evidence we have in these lives or other lives. Why does our possible past life recall fade through life? Is it only us humans that transmigrate – or does every living creature live a Never Ending Story…


Lost In Transition? – Spirits To Ghosts And The Endless Sightings We Still Question!

Consensus of Probability in Sightings cover all cultures and ages worldwide. The independence of these cultures prove the existence somewhat, sightings and corroboration of the ‘numerous’ only illustrate the sincerity of existence even more so again…

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Raise The Energy!