Ordinary Real Happy – And The Science Within To Own It!

Positive Psychology is usually synonymous with our activities, habits and positive connections we practice on a regular basis, but real meaningful connections in life are sometimes ‘real elusive.’

Psychology, traditionally associated with those with ‘unhappiness’ issues, mental trauma of some kind or the pathologically effected is widening it’s field to those of us who are so called ‘ordinary.’

Ordinary doesn’t necessarily equate to happy. The successful, intelligent, funny, musical can also be as baron of happy and as foreign to real contentment as many can sadly fathom or pick up on.

We all have our moments of happiness and contentment, but can we somehow measure these moments and even be able to summon them without any external/artificial means whatsoever? Can we even know exactly what real happiness is? Kind of like a vivid dream we’ve just dreamt and sure enough the dream fades before we can really enjoy or explain the memory. We feel it in the moment but before long we lose hold. Just the act of even analysing ‘in the moment’ we leave the moment.

Experiences, successes, connections, pleasures, the weather can be great but not always perfect triggers as the best triggers are only built through ‘better perception’ to any situation. Perceptions are equations: glass half full – half empty, whole movie was a waste of two hours but there was this one moment that changed my whole perception of my whole day – still relatively out of our complete control. The tiny gems inside the haystacks can become the allegories hidden well beneath many of life’s components. These components can be summoned and brought back on a regular basis from memories. Happy-outcome memories can be edited to suit desired outcomes as sportspeople and actors do from day to day. These memories can even be someone else’s memories – borrowed memories!

Real happiness can be a real ongoing mental challenge but the more we build and tweak the associations the more we can own it – at will!        

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