Voyeurism And Other Mechanisms Of Rear Window!

Rear Window, takes the viewer on an initiation into voyeurism of the neigborhood (the eyes of a rear window looker) as the area’s inhabitants wake and rise to a new day. Eventually we are taken inside of James Stewart’s apartment’s many objects including the clues as to what his profession is or was up until his current wheelchair bound condition. A Photographer in his prime.

Some rear Window views are no doubt of the explicit nature that are a bit hard not to see. Hitchcock’s notorious use of the colour green especially hooks the viewer with a taste when we see a hint of discord inside one of these apartment windows between husband and wife. From James Stewart’s point of view, we do not see the usual boundaries such as fences, gates and walls which usually seperate people’s lives from one another. ‘We become a race of peeping toms’.

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