Time Simply Is, Is All But Relative! – But What Really Is Time?

The direction, tunnel or pathway of time we all experience is one of the most common human perceptions we all mostly agree on – but what really is time?

The perception we all have of the planets, stars, seasons, warm, cold, earth moving through space has always been linked with time. Sunrises and sunsets, cycles of seasons, stages of the moon also associate with a sense or nature of time. 

Foremost to our commonly agreed upon three dimensions, or is time an additional after add-on dimension to these pre-existing three dimensions? A dimension that exists completely independent of the other three dimensions. Like a grand swimming pool and the physical dimensions are the swimmers moving in any direction they please – immersed in time.

Still the question remains – what really is time? We can ascertain so much about the nature of time but we still are yet to learn if time really is a fourth dimension or something else altogether. Is spacetime merely a symptom of what we know as time? Something that independently exists completely aside from the ‘physical’ observable universe?

According to Albert Einstein’s 1905 Special Relativity Theory, your time and my time are different, subject to and conditional to the question of your speed of movement and my speed of movement. The speed in which we are moving toward each other or the speed in which we are moving away from each other. We speed up this variation of relativity and we change our own relativity to time as we know it. If as we are mostly confined to our planet earth, then even the fastest modes of transport we have access to in effect can change this ‘time-relativity’ by mere microseconds – but these mere microseconds are enough to prove Einstein’s Theory. We repeat these experiments at speeds closer or beyond the speed of light and we have clear changes in the ‘reality’ of time – speed of time and direction of time.


We stretch this metaphorical grand swimming pool across the sparseness of the entirety of observable space (as a ribbon). In this swimming pool we have contained – every event that has been, every event happening right now and every event of the future. This still doesn’t explain to us what really is time but kind of demonstrates to us how tiny and inconsequential we all are to something so powerful and ubiquitous.

One second by one second, a minute, an hour, a thousand years and even the preferential ‘direction’ of time still remain a brain numbing phenomenon. If we could one day change the direction, speed or even nature of time, then will these other three dimensions of physicality remain the same? Remove the egg from the ‘chicken and the egg’ paradoxical question and is it still a paradox? Was it ever a paradox – before, now or after? Remove earth and our personal associations with time and time remains the same – for who’s world?

Lucid Being