When The World Of Avatar Reflects Our Own Identity – Is It The Nirvana Path Of Our Own Soul Transitioning?

The Ongoing Thread of Identity runs deep through Avatar, Along with Reality, Free Will, Inclusion, Reincarnation, and what it really takes to Cast Off The Real Demons In All Of Us?

Avatar’s otherworld narrative set on the Exoplanetary Moon – Pandora, this earth-like moon is inhabited by the sapient indigenous humanoid species called The Na’vi. Jake Sully: a paraplegic ex-marine serendipitously taking his dead brother’s place in The Avatar Program run by the military, to learn the ways of The Na’vi – and/or (covertly) their weaknesses.

Unexpected by the military and also by Jake Sully that he would sure enough emotionally fall for the heart and spirituality of these people and the moon itself. Finding himself (in more ways than one), stuck smack in the middle of an all out war of survival.


This film addresses the real identity issue from an ‘earth-spirit’ standing point, decisions we all make – from the soul! During the process Jake’s ex-military ‘identity’ starts to fade as this new ‘spiritual’ identity takes over this new form of existence, seen through the eyes (and senses) of a relatively New Being!

Tribes against humans, humans against tribes, tribes against tribes, tribes against invaders! This film’s story is ageless. This tale is incapsulated neatly inside all our DNA and Historical Struggles (victim or culprit) from way back. Our own ‘soul’ decisions and perceptions, a question of a dualistic nature we all wrestle with. Are we simply defined by the physical? Experiences of the Soul? Realities we progressively conjure, or is it all part of a cosmic plan created by something higher?

Contrasts deeply resonate as The (tribal) Na’vi attempt to hold fast to everything that life stands for, whilst the military (invaders) – trained ironically through ‘soul extraction’ play out the never ending age old conquest of greed at all costs. This conflict draws out questions and truths as to where are our ‘identity origins’ and where are our ‘identity destinations?’ This infinite identity which IS our universe – our ongoing universal incarnations we transition from life to life. 


Metaphors of Reincarnation are layered thick inside the core of Avatar, Buddhism and the lifecycle of our very own identity destination after we pass over – and into what form? This transitioning from body to body Jake goes through in Avatar is the spiritual dualism life goes through from now to the next. Ideally, Jake has full recollection of his original identity as he transitions – unlike the widely accepted axiom of completely losing one’s identity and memories in our own passing over and through processes as we ourselves are soul-transmigrated.

Free Will and how Free Will shape our personalities is vital to possibly our very own Nirvana – This Quest for Nirvana is Identity in itself! Identity in itself IS The Pursuit Of Happiness!

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