Spacetime And Animism! – Who’s Co-Creating?

As everything is consciousness, all spirits are connected across the real sphere of everything, from our inner thoughts, to earth, to the beginning of spacetime, but what does Animism mean?

The beliefs in Animism go hand in hand with reincarnation and the transmigration our souls complete time after time we live, die, co-create. We all have the same space dust in common – we are the dust, only lucid, only breathing! As the universe finds its way for the universe to observe itself, through change we are the universe peering at itself. Quite a feat for something so primitive – yet so hi-modern… Spacetime. 

Many scholars in religion see Animism as being far truer to nature and truth than many other religions of this world, yet there is no competition.  Animism is the awareness system that doesn’t crave for ultimate allegiance, yet Animism is the be all and end all of everything we see and touch, everything that was and everything that will be.



How often have we talked with our cars, musical instruments, computers? If not real conversation but a simple element of connection with some level of subconscious awareness – just maybe not on an intelligent/lucid level. Trees, streams, flowers, food, even air comes into the realm of animism awareness. 

We all go way back, the observers, the co-creators. Just maybe all of us have something even more in common with one another – and this is spacetime… Just Maybe, We Are The Machine Of Everything?

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