Who or What is in the mirror – Elite Consciousness or Perceived Reality? 

We know by experience who is looking back at us, this is our evolutionary sense of self. This is unmistakable human nature, but what really IS human self-awareness and is it really the only intelligent trait that sets us apart from the majority of the animal kingdom?

Complexity of our human mind and certain other relatively complex minds of animals represent to our understanding that this IS the evolutionary peak of the height of consciousness! Among the fortunate few of animals are: Killer Whales, Manta Rays, Bottlenose Dolphins, Chimps, Bonobos, Orangutans, Asian Elephants, Eurasian Magpies. Of course many other species will always have their outliers, (the fortunate one-offs that stand above the crowd).


A recently deceased Gorilla named Koko stood above the Gorilla crowd and shared this complex ability to recognise herself in the mirror. Did Koko share complete self-awareness with the above-mentioned or is this type of test or qualification completely unfair? Does this requisite for higher intelligence take into account ‘The Autistic’, ‘The Blind’, ‘The Locked-In Coma’? Does higher self-awareness need to be outwardly displayed as proof, or can higher self-awareness be something tucked away – covert in nature? A universe of cogitation (and themselves) rattling around the mind of someone without a single care in the world of proving this to the observer.

If Koko The Gorilla had this rare ability (self-awareness) then is it out of the question that maybe there is a human or a handful of humans that have a higher ability than the rest of humans? To see their reflection or reflections in the mirror and apply a far deeper sense of awareness that cannot be fathomed by the crowd. Is this the trait of genius – or something else altogether?


Can higher self-awareness be expressed solely through the use of sound? – If so, then far more a species will join the Killer Whale Intellectual Elite, for an ocean of outward communication ‘equals’ an ocean of inner communication. Awareness and complexity of the many on so many different levels far outweigh the ‘mirror notion’ observed.

Blind musicians that solely express themselves through note of tune and the many layered frequencies have the complexity of their inner perceptions of what the outside world is. A language that is so communicative that is away and above the heads of many. Even the blind non-musicians that purely take in the universe through touch and sound eventually prime themselves in an intricate self-universe that leave the rest of us a little dull.

Ancient Greece would not be the Greece we know it without a legend by the name of Homer, also believed to be without sight. Homer’s literature of the time is believed by many to be a deep shaper and great influencer of Modern Greece. These achievements of shaping the outside world, ironically by a man without even a shred of so called complex (vision) self-awareness most take for granted in a vision-driven world.


What Really Is The Elite?

Everything is relative consciousness, ‘minimal’ consciousness however, the kind that operates on the bare experiences of the sensory kind – are the pure raw and objective. These senses that purely keep the species alive and multiply (as we know it) – basically a nervous system that ‘survives or dies!’ No real concept of the Self – As We Know It. 

The very concept of complexity of brain is so subjective to the human species, yet vitally we cannot even grasp what is really going on inside of another human being’s mind – conjecture aside. We base many of our decisions on the belief that we know what others are thinking, such as promoting food, clothing, entertainment, travel, politics… These beliefs are merely presumptions and wishful influences. Would we really want to know what is going on in the minds of others? Even our closest loved ones’ inner thoughts may prove as disrupters to our own self-awareness and true ignorance could mostly be (inner) bliss. Being oblivious to other’s real thoughts could prove to be our best environment in building our own uninterrupted self-awareness that shines of the unique. 

We are brilliant observers nonetheless, these skills of observation have the ability to influence others by conviction. These varying strengths of conviction become the strengths of our ambition through life. These signs we look for in others such as body language and tell-tale facial cues are our everyday hall of mirrors – information bouncing off other information. We become expert mathematicians in adding and subtracting of the information bounced our way as we build simulations and models from the incoming data – so that we can socially interact in a social world.


As we build on these models and simulations is it not too far out of the question that all of our self-awareness is merely a ‘simulation’ arrived at through a formula of numbers? The more we comprehend of ourselves and the animal kingdom the many more animal species that will undoubtedly show their faces in the self-awareness mirror test – and pass. 

Simulation or not, if this is how our minds operate, so be it, we all have personal choice as to who we think we are – and become.

Lucid Dreams