Science And Philosophy Of Wiring? – And Is Mindfulness The True Intellectual Connection Through To Future ‘Winning’ Canvas! 

We change our thoughts – we change our realities, hence we change our existence – if our existences originate in the mind. Savouring every experience is akin to higher mindfulness. If we interpret happiness as a river, we can start to recognise the true flow which flows back and fourth, in effect modulating our responses such as arousal, contentment and even ego.

Tame our emotions and we achieve intended mindfulness, or is it, tame our mindfulness and we discover true contentment? Take our existence, and how we perceive existence – therefore existence ‘IS’. 


Harmony among others through to personal goal setting – reaching one’s full potential – comes down to perfecting the present and projecting one’s future canvas. This canvas is the ‘grey’ field of ‘attention’ in our hippocampus which encompasses Memory (mainly long-term), Emotion (Plural), and Spatial Navigation (perceptions of our ‘personal’ environment). Seen for what these are to our existence – Moments!

In essence we are a ‘combo’ trio, steering our way intactly, regardless of unification. However, we perfect one and the other two’s ‘will’ will follow. Mindfulness finds us the more we synchronise. Goal Reaching – Physical Transformation, Mental Sharpening, Confidence, Control, Happiness!

Tame these moments, and we tame mindfulness to WIN!

Lucid Being