Unquestionable Realities! – Transparent Existence?

We are living from moment to moment on sent and received messages we perceive to be our unquestionable realities. Are we actually coming in contact with anything in its truest form?

Authenticity is the big issue. It is well known for a while now that it is a straight forward procedure to send and receive signals that are electrical to the brain. These signals, when received, can give us the stunningly authentic experiences that can pretty much create real living experiences purely inside of our brains.

These highly advanced (for our standards) computer programs are only getting more advanced that our imagination is really our only obstacle for where this is headed. This exciting technology secondarily proves something astonishing to us, and this is that the sensations we experience – are only in our minds. There is a reality barrier that we still are not aware of because of lifelong conditioning to the contrary. Are we actually coming in contact with something in its truest form or is this life merely a display monitor of the super program environment we are in?

There is no sound, sight, colour or music. These creations – we create in our brains. We see in our brains, our eyes do not see, they send the signal. We hear in our brains, our ears do not hear, they are the sender of the signal. The same for touch, smell and taste. Our brains receive this stimuli by way of our nervous systems, then on to our perceptive centres of our brain from the advanced deciphering, in turn this gives us our realities from moment to moment. Taken as electrical impulses. All things originate in the sensory centres of our brains and therefore finish in the sensory centres of our brains. We imagine or perceive that these senses are reality. In fact these senses are not real, us as humans do not have the proof of what matter is really like on the outside of our brains. We are living from moment to moment on sent and received messages we perceive to be our unquestionable realities. All matter is transparent as to the atom’s nature.

The nucleus, neutrons and protons’ spaces and gaps between such and thus makes these transparent. Our brains decode all of this simulated reality into what we can and do perceive as actuality.

Lucid Being