The Foundation Of Genius, Or ‘The Collective Unconscious’?

Whether the channels are premonition, intuition, IQ, inspiration, hard work, luck, true genius belongs to a ‘subconscious pool’.

The foundation of genius can become the most powerful tool for those that are aware. A gigantic pool of thought, memories, experiences throughout the human race, (whether good or bad) are the products of collective wisdom.

Premonitions of events or feelings, even a lucky stab at guessing something are all exciting when they happen, but tapping into this ‘collective pool’ on cue is something of a spiritual utopia. The wisdom already exists where we seek. This can be aligned to ‘a round table’, a round table that exists in our personal consciousness. We throw questions out there to the qualified inhabitants on this table, and listen for wisdom. The table-inhabitants can be anyone in history, present or even completely imaginary, as even ‘imaginary’ once housed in our consciousness long enough becomes real – to a point, to us.

Belief that an answer to ‘anything’ exists with the right wisdom brings us half way to our utopia. (Tapping into our own intelligence is the by-product). Belief of the right answers on a future timeline become something else – nirvana. We really need to just accept the reality that all answers already exist, and we need the right personal systems or ‘round table characters’ to let us know.     

Lucid Being