Disentangle the Crime-Thriller Genre!

A very popular genre over many years has been the ‘Crime Thriller’. This genre plot device usually has about four different kinds of characters: Firstly the ‘Law’ either law-abiding or non-law-abiding, then typically the ‘Law-Breakers’ our criminal element, then the Innocent Victims in the Story, and lastly the Story’s Innocent Bystanders.


In constructing a narrative inside these boundaries we primarily choose one of these ‘elements’ as the cornerstone of our insightful incident that invites dilemma to our story-construct. The viewer’s perspective gets built on these choices, and from here  the involvement of these other elements dictate to us the prospective high road or the prospective low road our story instinctively moves us in to achieve the satisfactory narrative that audiences will emotionally invest in.

Lucid Being