Polystate Rulership! – Be Under A Government’s Rule Remotely?

When choosing a non-local Government may possibly be a rulership system of the future. Citizens having no geographical limitations to personal political likings just may find their ideal global world in a ‘Polystate World’.

Whether it be Democracy, Communism, Fascism or Another, locality shouldn’t be an issue to political choice or climate. If a certain political system falls out of favour to our personal views, we can simply change government without changing where we live.

This is the Polystate System Of Government: A Government NOT ruling Geographically, but ruling over Minds. Freely overlapping systems of governments – meta-governments operating without borders. New governments, constitutions, rulerships being elected semi-regularly on a basis of freedom of ‘political’ choice.


On the downside the ambiguity and friction could be rampant. The clear knowledge of a neighbour, a work colleague, or even a husband or wife passionately choosing an extreme different rulership, likewise making the working/relationship a touch more colourful would be an understatement.

Modern Geo-States naturally make this extremely difficult as a person living in China, Russia or Cuba would find it almost impossible to be liberated from their current rule to experiment with something different. Political brutality through history sure enough finds its way in sustaining and repeating.

Lucid Being