Identify and Improve My Team

(Part 2)

Trish the Legal Associate, has taken over a great deal of the co-ordination but she has struggled with the role and at times can be quite indecisive.

Her indecisiveness frustrates the other team members clearly. Trish was the wrong decision for this role as her skills are not sharp enough to co-ordinate, possibly it just isn’t the right time for her to be put into this role. A couple more years of experience may have seen Trish slide into this role more comfortably or quite possibly she could have taken an ‘Assertive Management Course’ instead of being thrown into the deep end. Never too late for the Assertive Management Course to be brought up, more on this later.

Tim the Employee Solicitor, an extremely popular employee who is always willing to generously teach and develop others. He generally raises the morale of the team when things get to be too much. Well things have gotten to be too much and Tim’s interpersonal skills are needed more than anything, not just for side mentoring of Jake, but to ease all our members generally.


Jane a Paralegal, recently promoted from admin support and is very competent in her role, while still sharpening her Paralegal Skills. Tim, Jake and Jane are the stand-outs. Team members that a lot of other firms would kill for.

Individual Team Members are very capable but as a whole – TEAM, something peculiar and strange happens to this potentially great dynamic. Deeper investigation is needed to usher in TEAM IMPROVEMENT.

Let’s NOT lose any of them.

Tash also a Paralegal, relatively new to her job.

Lee who is in Admin has been at the firm the longest, Lee is very much a realist and clearly sees her own abilities and recognises any lack of abilities she may have. Lee is very capable but she admits that she still has a lot to learn.


Jake is in Admin and very ambitious, he has only been at the firm for one year but has a strong desire to learn and has a fantastic attitude to his job. He has been attending courses on his own time to further his admin abilities.

Steph is also Admin, Steph realises her own limitations and does not feel that she is ready for the promotion quite just yet, as the prospect of extra responsibility would be far too daunting.

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