In Dreams And Visions – How We Interpret The Cryptic Spiritual And Psychic Few – Unveil The Dream!

We all have the odd ‘weird’ spiritual dream that we just pass off as glitch or throw back data to our unresolved footprints, or do we?

Many of us believe that if we are meant to have a psychic or spiritual dream or vision, then we would just have them as clear as day, like a television or radio frequency we turn on or off. Why the Cryptic Symbolism, why the Vague Pieces we try to hold together after we awaken?


Most of us dream. Mostly in our dreams we are amongst the ‘familiar’, the familiar people we know or have known or WILL know. Usually some sort of direction or angle we try to pass off as jumble – left over mind-data we haven’t dealt with yet. The abnormal life of dreams we accept as ‘The Normally Abnormal’. 

Enter the Psychic or Spiritual Dream – the sky or the colour of the walls take on the surreal, there is an obstacle we must overcome – in ourselves or in front of our dream avatar. These architectures and characters of the dream world are not the usual, but designed somewhat  by someone or something ‘external’! Somehow we know this isn’t normal. We know this because things are different – things are MORE!


We sense ‘progression’, ‘importance’ and / or ‘depth’ the further we glimpse. We find our own discernment in clarity as we uncover the wondrous of being and somehow separate the ‘natural dream’ from the ‘spiritual dream’, as this is where it begins…

We all want meaning in our lives, whether a glimpse of completion of an impossible task or an ominous warning of one’s health. The natural innocence of a bear cub or a puppy dog smiling at us while wrapped around our ankle to tell us we need better blood circulation, or is it an approaching visit from an old friend, or are we about to be betrayed by a work colleague?


We are all psychic! Through dreams we all experience the ‘Limitless’. Whether we are dreaming from the ‘astral’ or dreaming from the ‘subconscious’, we all enter into the dimension of timeless. Either reality – we are all connected and through our dreaming – we escape our confines and ‘touch the frequency of psychic’. The more we forget time and space, the more we can let go of the everyday earthly, and step into the psychic. We can experience other people’s emotions in dreams, yet feel that these emotions are our own – hence the ‘empathic dreamer’ and on…

“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so you shall become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil” – James Lane Allen

Lucid Being