Give The Führer A Child For The Good Of The Nation!

The Lebensborn Programme, a state-sponsored initiative back in the late 1930’s, to dramatically raise the birth rate of the ‘Aryan’ population of Germany.

This systematic interbreeding was to produce and strengthen the ‘perfect race’ of blue-eyed, blonde-haired children for the Führer. Ultimately German SS Officers and German women who were of course racially pure, paired together to essentially ‘breed’ Germany’s Future – for Hitler!

These potential (child-bearing) women were rigorously investigated to be without question of absolute ‘Purity’ – no Jewish Blood whatsoever. This was in reality embracing and lifting ‘National Socialism’ with a new and ever more practical – ‘Rising to the Occasion’.


‘Valuable Stock’ at this time was of utmost importance and there certainly wasn’t any shortage of ‘Third Reich’ adoring women who of course carried a certificate of Aryan Ancestry going back clearly to at least their great grandparents. All these women (under different names) became the promise of a Bright Better Germany. The most powerful instigation of the willingness from these women was undoubtedly the psychological token system of the time, and this was High Expression of Gratitude and an even more Unambiguous Knowledge and Appreciation of how ‘Important’ these women and their ‘Wombs’ were. 

Alongside this important new role was the reality that these women were going to be treated as royalty. A castle was assigned to house the new occupants, lavish food, opulent surroundings, servants and no need to work. These women had hit the jackpot! Money spent on the luxury for these women was no obstacle. Comfort and Enjoyment was Paramount. These women would not want again for anything in this elaborate new ‘baby farm’.

Complete knowledge and agreements were hastily made by way of legal documentation drawn up making without question the fact that these babies were essentially ‘Babies of the State’. After safe and healthy delivery these women have already legally renounced all claims to these babies. All these babies brought up somewhere seperate again to purely keep the conception/pregnancy/delivery cycle in motion.


The Lebensborn Programme was strictly operated under complete anonymity that these Women and the SS Officers willingly kept tight. The excitement was intense, the buildup of the expected full course of sex from these SS Officers on a calendarized coming together (for the beloved Führer) added even more excitement and abandon.


After a successful conception and birth, the Lebensborn Programme Woman, Father and Child by way of pre-legal agreement, never are to see one another Ever Again. Thus the ‘Baby Farm’ Cycle Merrily Goes On.

Lucid Being