The Gears Of Our Universe (In A Bubble) – An Eternity Of Big Bangs?

Observations of our universe as being not unlike a bubble, an expanding bubble, and we, somewhere on the outskirts (waking up) going along for the ride!

These were just some of the observations of Albert Einstein last century to enlighten the world. Taking these theories a touch further and going back, we trace our beginnings, right back to this ‘bubble’ starting the ball rolling, so to speak. This bubble’s beginnings being possibly an idea, an idea that could easily fit through the eye of a needle.


This eye of a needle notion of the bubble we are on sure enough had it’s originating point. This originating point back in time (or infinity) isn’t an isolated occurrence, but part of countless. An ongoing ‘gear-like’ mechanism of infinity causing further bangs as a reactionary miracle of energy and motion. 

Over and over the echoes sound and if history repeats as history does, then Einstein’s theory of last century beckons the new question of – What IS the (New) Bubble Breakthrough, and how will it look and correspond to it’s ever-increasing energetic neighbours. 

And will we even comprehend the question on arrival?

Lucid Being