This Spiritual Journey – ‘A Minute A Day’

Fear of success in spiritualism is real, this fear is on the same side of the coin as fears and anxieties we readily accept into our lives through our day to day media we align our lives to.

We come back little by little and this creates a displacement effect of spiritually on the right path of balancing ourselves with more of the positive. All truly beautiful outcomes take a little practice and this practice can grow upon itself many times over. Today is the first day of the rest of our spiritual awakening. For most of us who battle with finding time, let’s start with ‘a minute a day’. All great things begin somewhere. Before going to sleep, after waking from sleep or even the one minute walk back to our car with the night’s shopping. Everything begins with something. Let’s receive what we naturally and spiritually deserve in our lives. Let’s give to others what we can powerfully give spiritually, something that just isn’t accessible from our limiting moulded societies.

Lucid Being