Changelings, Fear Of Fairies And The Earthling Avatar! 

A Fairy Child switched with an Earthling Child, (according to Folklore and medieval literature) after this earthling child has being secretly stolen by fairies.

Some of these reasons for the switch has been hinted at Being circumstances such as early physical disabilities, disease and other detected disorders. Other motivations for the stolen earthling children possibly were Malicious in nature. Unnatural obsession with earthling children acted out in the most questionable light, such as even utilising these unfortunate earthling children into slave servitude. 


Also thrown into the mix was the switching of the elderly for the young and the young for the elderly. The body merely as the avatar (shell) and at times a ‘soul switch’. In awareness and healthy fear of these occurrences, the earthing parents would go to such extremes as to utilising charms. These charms would scare off any chance of the earthing child theft. Even such lengths as to even stay and constantly guard over the child day and night in fear of fairies.

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