We Are The Hologram Hamburger? Please Don’t Lessen My Percieved Animal Failers.

Growing Evidence of all we ‘Perceive’ around us of not being what we think is stacking richer and higher, but let’s just pretend to fool the creators.

After our beginning ‘Bang’ there was and is radiation, in the form of cosmic microwave background. If our existence as we know it just happens to be a hologram of some sort, the vast amount of information that makes this up for us humans through our five senses is perceived as being in three dimensions. This information must be stored or comes from a two dimensional starting point!

(A Hologram of a Hamburger comes from or is projected from a two dimensional starting point! If this hamburger had feelings and ‘Spatial awareness’, the hamburger would be convinced of its own ‘perceived reality’ of the intended hamburger as being REAL.)

Us as humans know better though, as we were the ones who built and designed the hamburger hologram, and we as humans know that the hamburger doesn’t really exist. Apply this to our own three dimensional universe originating from a two dimensional starting pointing, that we cannot possibly comprehend fully yet.

Tangible elements of this universe all around us that we can touch and perceive to be ‘real’, (A Hologram), with all the ‘Real’ Elements that make US believe.

Just Like The Hamburger.

Lucid Being