This Psychic Energy, Healing To Empowerment

Psychic Energy is the most major and greatest areas to understand, develop and help others. It is essentially this pure energy that enables transformation in ourselves and in others. Esoterically we all possess abilities for perfect harmony, balance, energy transference, healing, empowerment and enlightenment. These innate abilities to convert, alter or boost energy remotely is in us naturally for transformative and ethereal purposes to be harnessed and shared widely.

Psychic Energy is consciousness derived from our own realities we call the universe – construct. This energy that is everywhere and is an ever-penetrating sea of the metaphysical is of the limitless we all have unlimited access to. Our universe or should we say, our unlimited realities are an ocean of quantum/spiritual energy, or if more easily perceived, the biggest array of space expanse packed with energy we can all comprehend and summon. Energy is moving, energy is of a vibrating nature, this is what gives it life, this is what gives it unlimited power. Energy becomes form. Our own personal energy fields can be transformed with amazing results. The flow of this energy or (vibrational frequency) is completely up to us to allow the activity which naturally craves action from within.

We must learn to be aware of types of energy we come in contact with as the wrong (negative) types can very well stunt our vibrational growth and stunt or empty our reserves. Our very own awareness of these various energies we come in contact with on a daily basis is key to recognising our own abilities and our own psychic path. Left over negative residing energies must be washed away or dispelled to make way for our rightful positive conducive energies. Unfortunately, people that have not learned the art of deciphering between negative/positive and have let themselves be too exposed to wrong vibrations become susceptible to emotional, mental and physical ailments. These ailments can creep in ever so quietly and slow, so we must become aware for our own wellbeing so we can then enjoy our rich psychic paths. Thus Beginning, surrounding ourselves with positive vibrational input can dramatically improve our ultimate spiritual journey. These inputs (positive energy) can range from being in the right company, immersing ourselves with conducive sound frequencies, to viewing art that edifies the soul.

Our perfect contentments are born out of our abilities to accept these energies and our willingness to allow these energies to freely flow through us for the good of us and others. The more we let go of our self-focused existences and become the psychic path, the more our soul usefulness and betterment will shine.