Instantly BOOST LinkedIn Engagement!

It can be a slippery creature for ANYONE to get one of our magical LinkedIn Posts to run any intended distance, despite the functionality of the Professional-Social Network of LinkedIn to appear very similar to Facebook. Don’t be fooled by the interface. Networking Specialists, Entrepreneurs and all sorts of Business Owners can exponentially heighten their chances of LinkedIn Visibility and Success for following just a few very basic steps. We draw from many professionals far and wide in the LinkedIn Statosphere and we agree on these basic outlines of how they get thousands of people on LinkedIn reading and responding to their posts.

1. Close and always be closing, when closing.

Title and Article IS the Punch! Pack the Message Tightly and Bring it Home. Short and Clear. Take your reader to the point asap. Let them know the benefits – Let them know how to quickly achieve these benefits. Be concise. Close and always be closing, when closing. Although be careful not to come across like an over zealous sales maniac, for these are quickly spotted, ignored or even quickly deleted – no matter how attractive you appear on your profile pic. Sales is not Selling 100% of the time. Sales is finding, building and maintaining strong relationships. Be in a position where online prospects will contact you and make the sale to themselves.

2. An Image, I Read…

Engage with the eye but don’t drag. The right image/right title combo is king. Throw out predictability, (staying within reason). Be a visual friend to your LinkedIn Browsers, and to your Potential Browsers from all over. Compel your browsers to want more by giving value. Treat your prospects as highly intelligent operators and they will do the same. Treating somebody as truly intelligent is like giving a gift. These gifts are not easily forgotten.

3. Simply Clear

Even a narrow niche offer can cleverly appeal to a broad audience. Try to avoid waffling on. You know your expertise and some things need re-explaining for the uninitiated, without sounding repetitive. Re-jigging your message with new words to educate on the same topic from a new approach. This refreshing enginuity is surprisingly highly noticed and appreciated. We all steer clear of the ad nausiem of our browsing, creature habits we all share.

4. Give what you know

Being generous with quick tutorials, how-to’s or free product practical info are sincere and a great form of future relationship building. Through our posts we can advise, the more we advise the more we will be read and even cross-shared. Let people clearly know how useful your posts potentially are to them and potentially to others. Some areas we know more about than others, let this become our speciality we write on. Readers can sense the level of sincere knowledge we can express when it comes from real base knowledge. The more we write of what we really know, the more we become acknowledged as true thought-leaders on our chosen specific topics. All being said, at times share other topical posts that are not your speciality but of a wider interest, this adds character and an ability to converse widely.

5. Share

Share your service/product/identity across platforms. Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, WordPress, WeChat. Tell people in any way you can. Treat this as a Sharing Campaign. Ask for feedback. Feedback IS Engagement. Engagement rises to more Engagement.

Ash Solomon/Media Insight